Professional Development, Non-Instructional and Assessment Day

Personal Professional Development Funds and Day

Article F.20 Professional Development

  • Each full time teacher will receive $134 (pro-rated by FTE).
  • Your Personal Pro-D fund balance can be found by contacting your site based NOSTA pro-d rep. The balance is updated around October of each year.
  • Each full-time teacher will be provided one personal professional development day (TTOC provided) for purposes of professional development outside of the 5 pro-d days in the Calendar. A teacher can bank up to three of these days. These days will be added to your pay stub on October 31st.

Self Directed Professional Development

Teachers always have the personal choice to do Self-Directed Professional Development on ANY Professional Development day other than the ministry designated day.

Complete the Pro-D Self-Directed Form if you’re planning to do your own learning.

Assessment Days

Article F.22 Assessment Days

  • Each full time teacher in Gr. K-4 will receive one assessment day in the first reporting period and one in the second reporting period for purposes of writing assessment reports.

Professional Development Days

Article F.21 Non-Instructional Days

  • There are six days in the school calendar for teacher professional development. On five of these days there are organized school, district, zonal or provincial activities.
  • One inservice day is labelled as the ministry designated day and the topic is set by the ministry. Recently, this topic has been Indigenous learning.
  • There is one end-of-year administrative day that is used for school admin purposes.