Pronouns and the New Semester

Next month, for many of us, brings classrooms full of new faces and names to learn. If it is not part of your practice already, consider introducing yourself to your classes next term with your pronouns, and encourage your students to do the same! Even if you’re saying good morning to the same group of students on Feb 1st, try adding pronouns to your daily attendance routine. “Hello class, my name is Ms. Sholinder and I go by she/her pronouns”! By modeling pronoun use to your class, you break down a barrier for any student that has ever felt singled-out because of their gender seeming ‘different’. You’ll also create an opportunity to learn the pronouns of all your students without having to wonder, make assumptions, or ask later! Also – notice how I just said ‘pronouns‘ and not ‘preferred pronouns‘? Kids (and adults) don’t get to choose how they feel inside, so avoid adding that extra word that can make pronoun conversations seem more clumsy, or trivial.

Check out this video for a great explanation of how pronoun conversations can go (Pronouns: How do you ask? By True Colours United (Youtube link) and have a great start to your second semester/third term!

– Ariana, she/her

NOSTA Social Justice Chair