Personal Pro-D Days – Use ’em or Lose out

Did you know that every year, on October 31st, you accrue up to one(1) Personal Professional Development day (pro-rated to your FTE). This day is used to have a TTOC cover your class so that you can attend Professional Development workshops/events/activities that don’t fall within a scheduled Pro-D day or may require travel to attend.

According to the Collective Agreement, these Personal Pro-D days carry forward year to year, but only to a maximum of three(3) days*.

What does this mean?

Look at the bottom right corner of your latest paystub (picture below). If you have more than 2 days showing in your Personal Pro-D Day bank, book one (or more) before the end of the school year. Atrieve has a reason dropdown option for “Personal Pro-D”.

In the example pay stub below, this teacher is a 1.0 FTE and expects to earn a full Personal Pro-D day next year (staying as a 1.0FTE). They are encouraged to use one Personal Pro-D Day before the end of June (their bank would then show 2 days) so that they receive the entire Personal pro-D day benefit in October 2024.

If you would like further info on appropriate Pro-d options, feel free to check out the Pro-D handbook or contact the NOSTA office, [email protected] for information.

*Due to lack of TTOC’s in 2021/2022, a special letter of understanding was signed that allowed teachers who were unable to use their Personal Pro-d day to bank one additional day until the end of the 2023/2024 school year. This means that some teachers may see 4 in their bank right now. These teachers should try to book enough personal pro-d days before the end of June to bring their bank down to 2 days. At the end of June, the banks will automatically all go back to three and any amount above 3 will be lost.